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Posted on, last Updated December 24, 2008

Star of Fire, a sci-fi novel, is a fictional or alternate history of manís exploration of Mars. The Mandarin characters for fire and star represent the fourth planet in our solar system, Mars. NASAís approach of a quicker, faster and cheaper expedition to Mars outsources the manufacture, integration and testing of its earth return vehicle to the Chinese and the launch and heavy-lift launch vehicle to the Russians. The American-led international effort to colonize Mars includes two married American couples, aggressive US military personnel, two rogue Russian pilots and mysterious Chinese women. Corporate partners who are more interested in their bottom line than in scientific exploration aggravate tensions between the astronauts, cosmonauts and taikonauts. Support for the Mars expedition is endangered by conflict, corporate scandal and political corruption on earth compounded by natural disasters and terrorist activity.

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Mars (html version) 525 Kb - Star of Fire - The paperback (Word-format) 826 Kb

Tunnel (html version) - A short story about extreme sky diving (Word-format)

Saucer (html version) - My plans for developing a saucer-shaped reentry vehicle (Word-format)

Lone Eagle (html version) - A disgruntled space tug pilot decides to to perform some unauthorized exploration of the inner solar system (Word-format)

Veterans (html version) - Peaceful people get greedy (Word-format)


Dedicated to my mother Rose, who scared us kids into going to bed with threats of martian bogeymen.


I wish to thank Arnie, Arthur, Ben and Kevin who proofread and checked various drafts of this novel for technical content. Iím still waiting for feedback from Bruce and Brian. I did the good parts - any remaining errors are Arnie, Arthur, Ben and Kevinís fault. I would appreciate help in editing or comments.

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